The innovator of front fork valve body design technology. Our pistons match flow dynamics of the fork with critical edge of hydraulic lock valve body designs.

Custom built suspension system working for you instead of against you, one gains a distinct advantage over riders with stock suspension systems.

Pro-Action uses many categories of shock and fork valving: Motocross, Supercross, Freestyle, Desert, Supermoto, and Off-Road. We care and want you to win!

Suspension Upgrade Advantages


Reduced rider fatigue and Higher speed through corners


Improved control in corners, Increased exit speed out of corners


Lower center of gravity through corners and Progressive bump absorption


Resistance to bottoming and quicker recovery from mistakes


Improved power delivery and Excellent mid-range manners


No deflection off rocks & roots and Plush on initial hits, firm on big hits

The History

Pro-Action Suspension was founded by George Quay in 1977 under the name Keystone Motocross Works. At that time Keystone and White Brothers were the only two major players engaged in the modification of stock suspension components. Over the years technology and Pro-Action have grown together at astonishing rates. Through time and experience alone, nobody else can lay claim to being as uniquely qualified in the motorcycle suspension field as George Quay. Over the years he has studied all available forms of motorcycle suspension systems and, has taken the best of each system and developed a method of shock and fork valving that is second to none.

George has worked as the field technician on the National Motocross Tour for both Works Performance and Ohlins, also covering the National Road Racing Circuit for Ohlins. He has designed and built suspension systems for many of the successful privateer teams, and served as race team manager for the largest ever privately owned motocross team, wrote a monthly column on suspension for Motocross Action Magazine, worked as a mechanic for several top privateers, and worked as a factory mechanic on the World GP Motocross Tour in Europe.

Pro-Action suspension systems have won pro motocross national and Supercross events, international supercross races, X-Games and Winter-X Games, FMX championships, plus ATV and road race nationals. Motorcycle daredevil Robbie Knievel has set world records and completed many death defying jumps using Pro-Action Suspension. At Pro-Action all our suspension systems are guaranteed to our client's satisfaction. Our warranty record on dissatisfied customer reworks is less than one quarter of one percent, almost perfect.

Here at Pro-Action Suspension our goal is to make your dream suspension a reality. Whatever you ride, Motocross, Supercross/Arenacross, Offroad, FMX, Supermoto, ATV/UTV Pro-Action can handle your needs. Pro-Action's promise is to provide our clients with not only leading edge technology and workmanship, but a quality level of service that is rarely found in today's marketplace. Our goal is to never have a single unhappy customer. Pro-Action offers personalized suspension systems, track side assistance, and emergency repair service. We provide a quick turn around with same day service available, and all with the convenience of credit card billing. Pro-Action offers one more thing that is the rarest of all... WE CARE!

What We Offer

Here at Pro-Action, we take mass-produced motorcycles and builds custom suspension for them to the specific needs of the owner. We start by selecting the correct spring rates to uphold the weight of the motorcycle and rider. We then determine the correct Pro-Action Valve Bodies to be used to match up with the valving systems to be installed. Pro-Action uses many categories of shock and fork valving: Motocross, Supercross, Freestyle, Desert, Supermoto, and Off-Road. Once one of these categories is chosen, Pro-Action then designs a system that specifically fits the individual for height, weight, type of riding, class of competition, normal finishing position, and years of experience. Ground conditions and terrain are also considered.

Pro-Action has always been the pioneer of multi stage valving. When the world had single-stage, we had two-stage. When the world went to two-stage, Pro-Action went to three-stage. After years of research and development with three-stage valving, we evolved it into our exclusive incremental system. The Pro-Action three-stage, incrementally pressure-sensitive, self-adjusting valving system not only has a mid-range circuit that does not exist in any stock shock, but also has increments of valving within each stage. The result is a valve or combined group of valves that compensate for any pressure that can be exerted by the speed of the shaft due to the striking of a bump without a trace of valve collision or mid-stroke harshness. Link this compression circuitry with our exclusive catch valve rebound damping and you have truly entered into the third dimension of shock absorber technology.

Pro-Action has been the innovator of front fork valve body design technology. Our pistons match flow dynamics of the fork with critical edge of hydraulic lock valve body designs. We now produce 12 types of valve bodies. These valve bodies have the most direct flow patterns of all valve bodies produced. This direct flow design eliminates harshness in the fork and reduces rider fatigue. The edge of hydraulic lock design eliminates bottoming. Super Cross Valving uses a two-stage system. Motocross valving uses a two-stage system with a quick opening circuit for choppy acceleration bumps. The off-road valving uses a three-stage system to eliminate deflection off rocks and roots and provides excellent mid-range manners and great resistance to bottoming. The result is the finest working front fork system ever built. Imagine a front fork that stands up tall, is plush on initial hits, firm on big hits, and progressively soaks up everything in between. To download the suspension tuning worksheet Click Here. For Pro-Action Product List Click Here. For installation and service pricing Click Here

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